About Us

Chandra Tolani & Juhi Tolani

A legacy I dwelled upon…

Driven by the passion passed on from one generation to the other, Juhi Tolani trod on her father’s legacy Mr.Chandra Tolani embracing aesthetics and designing outfits that reflect comfort, fashion and speak volumes about the local craft.

Weaving my dreams around ‘Khoobsurat Eva’ that signifies "The Beautiful World"

I cater to women seeking casual outfits to occasional wear. I believe in making my garments not only fashionable but extremely comfortable and affordable. 


At Khoobsurat Eva, we firmly believe in the idea of creating sustainable fashion. Thus, all products are handcrafted from scratch by a team of skilled local artisans. 

Styles and silhouettes of our garments are beautifully worked upon a wide range of fabrics like Cotton, mulmul, Cotton Rayon, Organza and Muslin. We invest a lot of thought and research behind each outfit with an idea to make our customers feel special and enhance their personality.


Through our outfits, we live our ideology and weave the threads of emotions.